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Only 34 Grams

Smallest & Lightest


High Efficiency


Deflator & Inflator

6 Nozzles

For Multiple Brands

25 Pads

In a Row



3 Steps to Build Sleep System

Simply attach ZERO PUMP to your sleeping pad, then double-click it, and it will work for you. No need to hold it in your hands. Hand-free is a perk! Only 60 seconds to fill a FLEXTAIL 5.6 R-value ZERO MATTRESS R05.

Everyday Carry For UL Users

Good rest and a light pack are both essential in backpack journeys. Hence, we made ZERO PUMP the lightest and smallest outdoor pump that shaves weight off people's packs and quickly builds a sleep system. It is smaller than a Snickers, weighing only 34g, and measuring 2.6cm x 7.5cm. Lightweight and compact features make ZERO PUMP to be easily hung on a key ring holder as your everyday carrying essential, saving the space of your backpack.

Tiny Yet Powerful

By integrating our patented AIRVORTECH™ Technology 2.0 with an exclusive micro-motor, ZERO PUMP reduces the unit's size and maintains superior performance. It can inflate your sleeping pad in just 50 seconds and can inflate up to 25 sleeping pads in a row. Compatible with leading brands such as THERM-A-REST, KLYMIT, NEMO, SEA TO SUMMIT, BIG AGNES, and EXPED, ZERO PUMP stands as the ultimate outdoor companion by your side.

How to Fit Your Sleeping Pads

ZERO PUMP comes with up to 6 versatile nozzles, allowing you to inflate not just sleeping pads, but also a variety of other inflatable products. This versatility ensures that users have all their outdoor needs covered. The exclusive soft rubber nozzles ensure a tight connection to inflated products, effectively eliminating any issues with air leakage from sleeping pads.

Replaceable Battery

Experiencing a blackout in the wild can be incredibly frustrating. That's why the replaceable battery feature of ZERO PUMP ensures users have access to electricity anytime, anywhere. Users can even share pump batteries with their headlamps for added convenience. Plus, they have the flexibility to choose the type of battery they prefer and can reuse it without needing to replace the entire device when the battery is depleted.

Efficient Deflator and Fire Starter

ZERO PUMP can also deflate your vacuum bags efficiently for packing. With a simple press of a finger, air escapes quickly and effectively. Plus, no more tiredness or exhaustion trying to start a fire – ZERO PUMP doubles as the ultimate fire-starting tool, ensuring a quick flame.

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34 Grams



2.6cm x 7.5cm


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Battery Capacity

650 mAh