FIN INSTALLATION & INCLUDED FINS FINS & FIN BOX (Solid Boards) Your BOTE board comes equipped with a standard 10’ fin box. The fin box is designed to accept the standard BOTE fin as well as most aftermarket fins. Your fin should fit tightly into the fin box. INSTALLING YOUR CENTER FIN To install the fin, remove the aluminum nut and screw from the fin. Slide the aluminum nut down into the wide slot fin box. Using the thumbscrew, slide the nut forward into the recessed track. Position the aluminum nut as far forward as possible (for access later). Set the rear of the fin into the fin box by sliding the brass pin into the wide slot of the fin box, then slide the fin as far backwards as possible - at least until the front edge of the fin will fit in the fin box. Next, push the front of the fin into the box. Slide the aluminum nut backward with the thumbscrew until it aligns with the hole in the fin. Then insert the thumbscrew through the hole in the fin, into the aluminum nut. Tighten the thumbscrew by hand. Your fin may be difficult to install the first few times, but don’t worry, this is a good thing. The tighter the fin is in the fin box, the better the board will ride. Your fin box will “open” up over time to allow the fin to slide in and out easier. If the fin is too tight, use light sand paper to sand the inside of the fin box to remove any excess plastic chips or resin that may be present. INCLUDED FINS (Solid Boards) All BOTE paddle boards come with the 10 in. main fin. Our surf specific boards, Grambler and Jackalope, come with FCS 2 side bite fins. Otherwise, side bite fins are sold separately and can be purchased directly from FCS or BOTE as an accessory. The Rover comes with two sets of fins, 10 in. deep water fins and side bite fins for shallower water. FINS AND FIN BOX (Inflatable Boards) Your BOTE board comes equipped with moduled-in side bite fins on the board. It also comes with a removable 10 in. center fin with an attached key. INSTALLING YOUR CENTER FIN Install the center fin by removing the key from the slot in the fin, sliding the fin into the fin box until the locking groves and key slot align, then sliding the key back into the key slot.