We all love going out on the water with our various watercraft, but real talk: transporting and storing them is a huge pain in the ass. Luckily for you, BOTE has spent the past several years developing the world’s best inflatable stand-up paddle boards, and even more recently the best inflatable kayak, the LONO Aero.

Here at BOTE, we always stick to the design principle that “we build gear for us” and during our adventures in product design, prototyping, and testing, we find that we travel A LOT and end up in places that require boards and kayaks to fit in tight spaces. Mode of transportation is also ever-changing. Airplanes, boats, cars, trucks, or mule... we never know what we are gonna get!

For this, there’s really only one reliable solution: inflatables. We’ve patented, tested, and perfected our Aero Technology so that our inflatable paddle boards and inflatable kayaks can go from storage bag to fully functional watercraft in less than five minutes. Yeah, we know it sounds insane, but it’s also incredibly cool.

Courageously, a group of people at BOTE traveled to the far north of Sodwana Bay to go Pike fishing on SUP. They had to endure four separate flights, an ATV ride, and a boat trip to the lodge. Needless to say, this would have been impossible without their inflatable paddle boards. Once they arrived, all they had to do was unpack, inflate and hit the water. Flying with inflatable paddle boards is the ONLY way to go. Our inflatable boards and kayaks can be taken on most domestic flights as checked luggage.

Favorite Exotic Destination: PLETTENBERG BAY, SOUTH AFRICA

The crystal clear waters, pristine jungle landscapes and a variety of fish species make Plettenberg Bay a world-renowned destination for fisherman and adventurers the world over. 

Favorite Vacation Destination: JEFFREYS BAY, SOUTH AFRICA

We recommend renting a house with the family and spending a week to explore, but don’t forget your inflatable paddle board or kayak! 

Favorite "Adrenaline Junkie" Destination: ORANGE RIVER, SOUTH AFRICA

Flowing from Lesotho to Namibia, the Orange River is a 2,200-kilometer winding watershed in the middle of the Southern African wilderness. White water rapids and ripping winds are not uncommon on the Orange, making your watercraft one of your most important pieces of gear. One added bonus to the portability of BOTE’s inflatables: they are durable as hell.

You can paddle inflatable paddle boards while fly fishing for yellowfish along the way. Put in at the base of the Lesotho Highlands dam and head downriver for a multi-day excursion to experience some of the most beautiful scenery, big yellowfish, fierce winds, and intimidating rapids you may ever come across. Just don’t forget your PFD, leash, and helmet!

Favorite City Destination: CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA

People really enjoy paddling in cities; quite frankly, it can sometimes be more charming than nature. But there are a lot of people who don’t have the luxury of a full 4-car garage or the use of a large vehicle. Inflatable paddle boards can easily fit into the trunk of a midsize or even compact car, and they can also be stored in a closet in your apartment. Hell, you can even call an Uber, toss your board in the back, and have them drop you off at the dock! Now, you no longer have to wait for that annual beach or lake trip to

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