Rackham 14′ Classic Cypress Paddle Board

Sale priceR 44,631.00


The Rackham 14′ Classic Cypress paddle board features ample surface area, flat deck and thick rails providing unmatched stability and capacity - especially for large paddlers or those looking to load it down and deck it out. Our most feature-rich platform, the Rackham is perfect for those looking to take their fishing and expedition adventures to the next level.


  • One (1) Rackham Gatorshell 14′ Paddle Board
  • One (1) 2-Piece SUP Paddle
  • One (1) 10″ Removable Center Fin


  • Dimensions: 14′ L (426.72 cm) × 34″ W (86.36 cm) × 8″ D (20.32 cm)
  • Capacity: 400 LBS (181.44 kg)
  • Avg. Weight: 52 LBS (23.59 kg)
  • Construction: Gatorshell Technology

If rider weight is within 50 LBS (22,68kg) of a board's listed capacity, BOTE recommends upgrading to a larger capacity board.